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The Backyard Golf Game

Your Back yard just became the most competitive in the neighborhood.

THE summer backyard game of the year!

I love this game!

I love this game! If I do not have the time to play a full round of golf this is the next best thing. Also great to play with my whole family!

Goldyeller (Jared Jacobs)

Backyard Game for Everyone

When I played The Backyard Golf Game, I had only swung a golf club a couple times before. I was playing against some good golfers but actually almost won. Went to double overtime and lost by one. This is a great game and actually increased my interest in golf!

Logan Frew

Improve your golf game

I have improved my ball striking and really improved my approach game. Awesome to have some beers with friends and actually get better at golf!

Inventor of TBGG

Backyard Golf Game with GM Golf

Backyard Golf Game at PMC Los Angeles

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What's in the box?

The Backyard Golf Game comes with everything you need to turn your yard into the next best thing to the course.

Wherever you are, there's golf!

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